Policies and Procedures

Bookings and Class Enrolment: At the end of each Term all children are automatically re-enrolled into the following Term. Should you need to make any changes or wish to cancel your child’s lesson please let us know.  If you would like to book your child into our swim school they will need to be assessed.  The assessment is FREE of charge and will ensure that your child is put in the correct level for their age and ability. 

Cancellations: If your child is unable to attend their lesson it is important that you call 4057 7720 prior to the commencement of their lesson to inform us of your absence. Alternatively, you can message your child’s name, cxl, lesson day and time to 0498 800 215. If we don’t hear from you this will be deemed a “No Show” and no make-ups will be granted under this circumstance.

Class Fees:
We offer a discount to families who have finalised their accounts by the end of the second week of Term.  We also offer the second lesson for children at half price. However this discount is not applicable to a second sibling, it is only on the same child.

Lesson Etiquette: Swimming Lessons are very important and children’s focus and attention is imperative to maximise their progress. To facilitate this please ensure that;

  • Please be on time for your child’s lesson and ensure that your child has been to the toilet before their lesson starts. We suggest that you arrive on pool deck 5 minutes before their lesson commences. We prefer that your children DO NOT swim prior to their scheduled class. However, they are more than welcome to swim at our facilities other pools after lessons.  Children with long hair must have it pulled back or wear a swimming cap
Make-Up Lessons: We honour two make-up lessons per Term per child under the following guidelines: 
  • Notice has been received prior to lesson commencement
  • Student has not exceeded their maximum of two make-up lessons per term
  • Make-up lessons will only be taken within the enrolled term where lessons were missed and only where there is a position vacant.  We cannot guarantee times will be available to suit your needs
(Please Note: We do not allow make-up lessons to be made on make-up lessons, so please ensure your child is better before booking the make-up lesson)

Public Holidays: Lessons coinciding with Public Holidays will not run and should your child's lesson fall on a public holiday you will not be charged for this. Lessons booked on pupil free days, at your child’s school, will run as normal. 

Refunds: We do not give out refunds on Lessons that have already been paid for.  If your child misses 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness, you may apply for credit. This will be at the discretion of the Learn to Swim Manager

Safety and Supervision: 
Always supervise your child when you are at an aquatic environment. Always have your child at arms reach away and never take your eyes off them. Please note that the pools at our facilities all have varying depths and it is important to familiarise yourself and your child

Swimming Equipment: 
It is important that your child comes to their lessons with the correct equipment to ensure they get the most out of every lesson. We have a range of swimming equipment available for purchase at the front desk.

Swimming Nappies:
In order to maintain our high water quality all non-toilet trained children must wear a swim nappy, in the water, and around the pools, at all times. Don’t worry if you have forgotten as we have them for sale at the front desk.

Weather: In case of a weather event, such as lightning storm or cyclones, please contact the office to find out if lessons have been cancelled. The 25m Pool is covered and lesson will still be on if it is just raining.

We appreciate your support and understanding that we have your child’s best interest and safety at the forefront of our policy!

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