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Our aim is to make our centre a Family Friendly Fun Aquatic Facility by providing you with a clean, friendly and safe environment.  All our staff are fully qualified, and kept up to date with regular training. We endeavour to provide our customers and children with high quality programs which are competitively priced, safe, effective and most importantly fun! Our program has been designed to ensure that your child successfully masters the foundations of swimming before progressing to more technical skills.  The program is structured progressively and guidelines are set as to the skills required to achieve the next level.  Each level has been created with specific goals and skills in mind to ensure that your child is being challenged whilst developing and learning a lifelong skill.



Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level the goals are:

The main objective of this class is to allow your child to explore and develop confidence in the water, in a fun nurturing environment, whilst educating parents on the basics of water safety and making new friends.


Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level the goals are:

This class is designed to prepare and transition the child from being in the water with a parent to without.  We work on developing their confidence and love for the water whilst teaching them how to swim and play safe.


Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level the goals are:

Now that your child is confident in the water and can swim independently it’s time to work on stroke development.  Starting with the foundations of Freestyle and Backstroke. As your child moves through the levels new skills and strokes are introduced, while continuing to develop previously learnt strokes.  


Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level the goals are:

By now your child has an understanding and basis for all four competitive strokes.  They are now introduced to lap swimming, technique focused drills and developing a foundation of endurance.


Class Duration: 30 minutes

At this level the goals are:

Children are now taught lane etiqutte and learn how to swim in a lane with upto 8 other children.  The focus is on technique for all four strokes and building on endurance. 


Class Duration: 45 minutes

At this level the goals are:

This is the stepping stone to the Junior Squads. Students are now swimming laps and mastered the technique of all four competitive strokes.  Lesson length is increased and the focus is now on; building endurance, learning how to read and use the pace clock, and how to read and follow written up sessions.


We offer a number of different squads depending on your child’s goals, commitment levels and time.  For those seeking to increase/maintain an overall fitness we have Fit Squad.  This is a combination of land and water based activities.  For children who are passionate about swimming we offer squads right up to National Level. 

Times and Price

Our learn to swim classes run for 30 minutes and depending on your child’s squad level classes run from between 30 minutes- 90 minutes+. Classes are on Monday-Friday mornings/afternoons and Saturday Mornings. Prices and times vary depending on your child’s level.

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This complimentary assessment is an important part of the Enrolment process as it ensures that your child is placed in the correct level for their age and ability.  The assessment usually takes 10 minutes and can be arranged Monday-Saturday (Subject to Teachers availability & only necessary for children over 3 years).

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